Pair of Jaguar Mark 5's

These Jaguar Mark 5 sedans (black & silver) built in 1948 and 1950. Can be rented as pair or individually.

The Jaguar Mark 5 sedans are a very popular choice for weddings and big events. The two sedans are a matching pair. They have both been recently restored to a quality that is second to none. The cars look like they have just been driven out of a luxurious 1950's car showroom but with a few modern twists such as air conditioning, leather fittings and the little luxuries we now all love.

The Jaguars can hold up to 5 People, they have a unique and special look. The white wall tyres and amazing lines of these cars look perfect in photographs. We believe these cars provide a formal but fun feel to your wedding. 

These Jaguar's are beautiful to ride in. It's a particular favourite with the Dad's and Grooms who love this car. They also look god with the formal attire that men wear and provide a perfect contrast to a brides gown. The cars can be decorated with ribbons on request.

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