We have put together an list of tips and advise about how to choose the best limo hire and chauffeur company for you!

If you are booking a limousine for a special occasion, such as a wedding or formal, ask if you are able to inspect the vehicle beforehand to check that it is what you want. Alternatively, ask if the hirer has vehicle pictures on their website.

We have also found that more companies are showing their cars at wedding expo's they will bring in a few of their best cars to show. This also makes it easier as you can see and compare the different companies and cars all in one place. 

A few tips:

- Search the internet for a limousine company.
- Select three or four different companies to obtain quotes and compare prices.
- Be careful. There are persons offering limousine services without being licensed. Ask the operator for their Operator Accreditation number.
- Select the company you feel most comfortable with and place your booking.
- Remember to ask for a booking confirmation.
- What should I ask when making a booking?
- What type of vehicle(s) are available?

More specifically:

- Seating capacity,for example, how many people can fit?
- What is the age and colour of the vehicle, for example, white/black?
- Are there any special features, for example, iphone Dock, wifi or electric divider screen?
- Is my preferred vehicle available on the intended booking date?
- How long is the vehicle available for on this date(s)?
- What are the hire and booking costs?
- What is the operator’s policy on refreshments in the vehicle?
- Are there spoilage and damage fees?
- Are there any other costs?
- What is the booking confirmation process?