There is a right way and a wrong way to get out of a limousine. Many Hollywood celebrities  unfortunately get caught by the paparazzi and within hours the pictures are flashed across the mainstream celebrity gossip magazines.

It's not just the celebrities that caught unaware. Remember everyone has a camera on their mobile phones these days and if you are not careful your picture could be splashed across Facebook or twitter. Here are some essential tips from So Cal limos Perth on how to avoid getting snapped.

1. Always check twice - Keep an eye out for who is around and who has a camera.

2. Keep your legs together - Some celebrities have it down to a fine art. Celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Angelina Jolie never get caught out. They slide their bottom right to the very edge of the seat and as their chauffeur or partner opens the door they slide their legs out of the door and place them gently on the floor. Celebs that haven't worked this move out include Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton.

3. Wear underwear. No one really wants to see your full glory no matter how well trimmed it is.

4. If you are wearing a long dress remember to lift the end of your dress to make sure you don't trip as your exit of the limo.

5. If you wearing a low cut dress then make sure everything is in place before you get out. Its very easy to fall out of some dresses.

6. Take the Hummer.The extra height makes it much easier to get out.

If you follow these 6 rules then you should escape the infamous upskirt shot on your special night out and will be able to keep your dignity intact.  Watch out when you have a few to drink as these tips can often go right out the window.